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Got a video on YouTube, but with little or no activity? Let us help you to bring in YouTube users who will comment on your videos. Set your comment goals and we’ll guarantee that you meet them. Only real active English-speaking YouTube users.

Why We Do It

Service is designed to build up momentum on every new video you upload. A video with more engagements (likes, comments) may trend better, thus having a better chance to go viral. Perfect for music videos, covers, vlogs, and any type of entertaining videos.


Service is designed for entertaining videos only. We do not service videos that promote: spamming, warez, make money online, keygens, sales pitches, and other selling-type videos. You must pre-authorize these type of videos. Please email us with the link to your video for approval.  (

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General Audience: Comments and likes will be coming from a general audience of any race, gender, and ethnicity. However, they will be targeted properly to right content (For example – a beauty makeup video will not have male commenters). All commenters will be commenting in English.

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Orders are processed by PayPal. We guarantee to reach the goals that you set. All plans start within 24 hours. You may email us at if you have any questions.