Get More YouTube Comments is a simple service that focuses on providing quality comments to YouTube videos. We make sure that comments come from legit-looking and active accounts. These accounts have their own personality. They explore YouTube on the daily basis and engage with content they’re interested in. They’re not there just to comment on clients’ videos.

Our targeted comments are natural, spread out, and consist on being relevant to the content. Depending on the content, the accounts may even start a conversation with each other and like each other’s comments.

We’ve been involved with YouTube services for a long time providing views, likes, subscribers, and comments. We stay current on YouTube trends, latest memes, and how people generally comment on YouTube videos. We reflect that in our comments and take extra care on making sure that everything looks as natural as possible.

  • Example 1 (Targeted Comments) – If you have a beauty girl makeup client, the comments will be from females that like similar videos. No males will leave comments.
  • Example 2 (Targeted Comments) – If you’re promoting a hip hop music video, then the comments will mostly come from Urban/African-American audience.

We service a lot of resellers and video promoters who lack much needed quality comments for their clients. We can boldly state that no other service provides higher quality comments than ours.

YouTube Video Promo Bundles

First time user? Try our Quick Bundle which covers all aspects of YouTube views, comments, and likes.

Know exactly what you want? Customize your bundle and save. No minimum order required.

À la carte services

YouTube Comments

Bring more comments to YouTube videos. You may target by gender and ethnicity. Customize your comments as you wish. (See Service)

YouTube Likes

Our comment service already brings likes to the video with comments. This option only focuses on getting more YouTube video likes and is good in conjunction with other services. (See Service)

YouTube Views

Generic YouTube Views

These views are only good for increasing view amount. They are most likely not bring any engagement activity at all as they’re generic. (See Service)

YouTube Ad Views

This option only focuses on bringing real ad views to videos. Analytics will show the views came from advertisements. Ad views may bring some kind of interactions on the video (could be good or bad). (See Service)

YouTube Video Playlist Adds

YouTube Playlists

Get your YouTube video playlisted on users’ profiles. This is a good part of a long-term strategy to improve search and recommendations on YouTube. (See Service)

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Get More YouTube Comments, Views, Likes, and More!


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Get More YouTube Comments, Views, Likes, and More!