Get More YouTube Comments

What We Do

Got a video on YouTube with little or no activity? Let us help you build a buzz around your video with comments. Set your comment goals and we’ll guarantee that you meet them. Comments we provide are from active English-speaking YouTube profiles.

YouTube Comments

Temporarily Unavailable Targeted Comments – $1.59/ea – Comments and likes will be coming from a targeted audience of gender and ethnicity. They will be targeted properly to the right content (For example – a beauty makeup video will not have male commenters; Hip-Hop music videos will have urban users commenting, etc). All comments will be in English.

Generic Comments – $0.59/ea – Comments and likes will be coming from a generic audience. Good for raising the comment count, but the comments may be generic such as “Nice video”, “like”, “I subbed”, “dope”, etc. All comments will be in English.

Custom Comments (Generic Match) – $0.59/ea – Custom comments can be supplied through the order or email. Any language is accepted. We will try our best to match your comments to gender and race. For example, Spanish comments will match Spanish looking profiles.

Custom Comments (Targeted New Subscriber Match) – $1.59/ea – We will target the custom target user (gender and race) with your supplied comments. These users will subscribe and come back to your videos in the future with your future supplied comments. We will keep track of every subscriber we bring. For example, suppose you order 10 Targeted New Subscriber Match custom comments for a video. You may come back and order “Retargeted Subscriber Match” for a future video where those 10 subscribers come back to your new video and comment. Good for “Notification gang” and “This is your best video yet” type of comments where you need to show that you have a loyal subscriber base.

Custom Comments (Retargeted Subscriber Match) – $1.09/ea – Can only be ordered if you have a subscriber base that we have already built for your channel. See above.

— NEW Custom Response to Other Comments – $1.59/ea – Respond to already posted comments to create conversations and discussions on videos.

YouTube Views

Generic Audience Views – $9.99/1000 views – This service only focuses on views. Good in conjunction with other services. The views will come fast and delivered within 1-2 days.

Targeted Ad Views – $2.25/100 views – This service only focuses on bringing real ad views to videos. Analytics will show the views came from advertisements. Ad views may bring some kind of interactions on the video (could be good or bad). This service is good in conjunction with other services. The views will come slower than generic and delivered within 1-5 days (or more in some cases)

YouTube Likes

UNAVAILABLE Generic Likes – $2.25/10 likes – Typically our targeted comment service already includes likes. Use this service if you need more likes for your campaign. Some of the likers may even subscribe as well. It will depend on the video content.

YouTube Bundles

UNAVAILABLE Starter Bundle – $19.99 – Perfect for first-time users. The preset bundle will bring 1,000 views, 20 likes, and at least 5 targeted comments.