Get More YouTube Comments is a service that focuses on providing quality comments to YouTube videos. We make sure that comments come from legit-looking and active accounts. These accounts have their own personality. They explore YouTube on the daily basis and engage with content they’re interested in. They’re not there just to comment on clients’ videos.

Our targeted comments are natural, spread out, and consist on being relevant to the content. Depending on the video, the accounts can even start a conversation with each other and with the uploader. They will like each other’s witty comments, joke around, and just have fun – conversations that are all video content relevant. (This is an option that you can select when you create a campaign.)

Get YouTube Comments

We’ve been involved with YouTube services for a long time providing views, likes, subscribers, and comments. We stay current on YouTube trends, latest memes, and how people generally comment on YouTube videos. We reflect that in our comments and take extra care on making sure that everything looks as natural as possible.


YouTube Comments

Targeted Comments Examples

Example – The comments will be from females on a video that’s tailored to females (R&B songs, beauty videos, female clothes try-ons.)

Female commenting on a female singer R&B music video
Female commenting on a female singer R&B music video

Example – If you’re promoting a hip hop music video, then the comments will mostly come from Urban/African-American audience.

Targeted video comment on a hip hop music video
Targeted video comment on a hip hop music video

Generic Comments Examples

Example – There may be a male comment saying “Nice video” on a beauty video.

Example – There may be comments from generic looking profiles or even from profiles with no avatar pic.

Example – Some comments may be just emojis such as “🔥🔥”

Generic Profile / Generic Comment
Generic Profile / Generic Comment

YouTube Likes

The comment service already brings video likes with comments. This service only focuses on getting more YouTube likes on the video and is good in conjunction with other services.

YouTube Views (Generic)

Best for raising view counts. These views are not likely to bring any engagements, as the views are generic.