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We will target a custom target user (gender and race) with your supplied comment to respond to another comment that is currently posted in the video. This will help to create a conversation. For example, suppose the video has a comment posted saying:

Amber Rey: He is cute, where is he from? ❤️️

This service will allow you to respond to that comment with your choice of gender and race (Suppose – white female)

Amber Rey: “He is cute, where is he from? ❤️️”
— Jenny: “I know right! He is from Seattle! ”

As always, our service is not to spam, so no links are allowed.

To link to the comment you want to respond to, right click on the time that the comment was posted and select “Copy Link”

Please add multiple responses individually into the cart.

Feel free to use smileys to look more natural ?????

Note – Please avoid cursing. We notice that YouTube may not display comments with curse words in them properly. Their algorithm may bury the comment, even when you “fkn write like this shht.”

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