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  • Get YouTube Comments

    1,000 Generic Audience Views


    Priced per 1,000 views. Best for raising view counts. These views are not likely to bring any engagements, as the views are generic. For more targeted views, please visit YouTube Ad Views.

  • Get YouTube Comments

    Quick Bundle


    This service is perfect for first time users. It covers YouTube views, comments, and likes. This will guarantee:

    • 1,000+ views
    • 40+ likes
    • 5 targeted comments
    • 5 generic comments

    You have an option of selecting generic or targeted audience. Targeted options will reach the audience that has shown previous interest in similar type videos (for example, a hip-hop music video will reach people who like and comment on hip-hop music videos.) Targeted option provides the highest quality of audience reach, while generic will provide the lowest.

    You may also select more than one quantity for the same video. Quantity of 5 will bring: 5,000+ views, 200+ likes, 25+ targeted comments, 25+ generic comments.

    Please note that targeted audience may praise the content with more comments, subscriptions, and likes. It may also critique the content and bring in negative comments and dislikes. This is something we have no control over.

    For better customization, please use our Custom Bundle Service

  • Get YouTube Comments

    Targeted Ad Views


    Reach a real YouTube audience via video advertising. For best results, use keywords that are relevant to your video content. Analytics will show the views came from advertisements. Ad views may bring some kind of interactions on the video (could be good or bad). This service is good in conjunction with other services. The views will come slower than generic views and will be delivered within 1-5 days (or more in some cases).

    LIMITATIONS: Videos are not allowed to have profanity, sexual, and violent content.

  • Get YouTube Comments

    YouTube Video Promo Bundle


    Customize your YouTube video campaign and save. Add whatever services you wish. No minimum order requirements.