Custom Comments Targeted

We will target the custom target user (gender and race) with your supplied comment. These users will subscribe and come back to your videos in the future with your future supplied comments. For example, suppose you order 10 Targeted New Subscriber Match custom comments for a video. You may come back and order “Retargeted Subscriber Match” for a future video where those 10 subscribers come back to your new video and comment. Good for “Notification gang” and “This is your best video yet” type of comments where you need to show that you have a loyal subscriber base.

Feel free to use smileys to look more natural ?????

Note – Please avoid cursing. We notice that YouTube may not display comments with curse words in them properly. Their algorithm may bury the comment, even when you “wrte like thsss.



Target your audience by gender


Target your audience by race

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Enter your custom comments below. One comment per line. Please make sure your quantity reflects the number of custom comments.

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