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This services lets you buy Instagram Comments. We make sure that the profiles that post comments are as real and natural as possible. These accounts follow celebrities and post on a regular basis so they will look natural. However, all of the profiles are private. * THEY WILL FOLLOW YOU, BUT THEY WILL NOT ACCEPT YOUR FOLLOW *  The names and profile pics match genders and ethnicity.  You can target the comments by gender and ethnicity. You can provide custom comments.

No negativity, toxicity, spamming, or political comments are allowed.

Current ethnicities available for Instagram commenting are African-American (Black) and Caucasian (White). Other ethnicities will be added soon.

Current genders available for Instagram commenting are Female and Male.

Current geolocation of Instagram accounts are all USA only!

This service is limited at the moment. You can only order 5 comments max per post. We will be expanding this service further.

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Please do not attempt to use our service for spamming. We will reject and refund any campaign that attempts to spam, mislead, and bully people.

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Match to Post, Females Only, Males Only


Match to Post, African-American, Caucasian (White)