Tik Tok Comments


This services lets you buy Tik Tok Comments. These Tik Tok accounts do not post videos yet and do not have a bio. They follow about ~50 accounts at least.  The names and profile pics match genders and ethnicity. The comments will be generic, but you can provide custom Tik Tok comments for your order.

No negativity, toxicity, spamming, or political comments are allowed.

Current geolocation of Tik Tok accounts are all USA only!

This service is limited at the moment. You can only order 15 comments max per post. We will be expanding this service further to add gender and ethnicity options.

Comments will be delivered within 48 hours.

Please provide the full link to the video

You can provide your custom comments here. One comment per line. Make sure you order the right amount of comments for each custom comment your provide.

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