Social Media Engagement Packs

Social media engagement packs allow you to designate specific persona profiles to engage with your current and future content. On your initial order, these specific personas will engage with your post and follow you. In the future, you can come back and reorder the same pack to have the same exact personas engage again. These will be high quality account personas and are designated by ethnicity and gender. Each persona in the pack is permanent and has a social media account on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. You can have those personas engage across multiple platforms. You can supply your own comments, or have them come up with their own relevant comments.

Quantity: 5
Names: Sh***ha, Ur***ae, Me***aj, Ks***95, _D***h_
Ethnicity: African American
Gender: Females
Average Posts Count: 4 (Growing to goal ~20)
Average Followers: ~100 (Growing to goal ~400)
Average Following Count: ~100 (Growing to goal ~500)
Bio Added: Yes
Private Accounts: Yes
Following Interests: Hip-Hop, R&B, Fashion, Hair, Makeup.

Additional engagement packs coming soon. Have a request? Message us!